Fourteen things I did or learned in 2014

Four people swirling sparklers in front of them so the light patterns spell out 2-0-1-4.
Sparklers spell out 2014. Credit: dordirk/Flickr CC 2.0

Yep a reflection post coming at ya! Here are fourteen things that I have done or learned in 2014:

  1. I got engaged! I’m very lucky to have found an amazing man who loves me, supports me and challenges me just enough 🙂
  2. Fear is my greatest challenge – I started to realise this in 2013 but I’ve explored it more actively in 2014. It’s going to take me a few more years to resolve it I think, but I’m determined.
  3. Physical and mental health is absolutely paramount. A few people around me had health scares this year and I really, really want to be strong in body and mind. Stress is a key part of this. It’s something that affects relationships badly and it needs to be reigned in!
  4. I fell out of a plane! It was a terrifying, full on experience, which I remember in pretty clear detail, not least because I’ve watched the pretty unflattering video a few times. Thanks to my partner for organising this for my birthday.
  5. Fiji is a relaxing, beautiful place. I felt so grateful to be able to go there (again, this time cyclone-free).
  6. The Live Your Legend network is really valuable for self-awareness, learning and meeting new people. Thanks to the first Live Your Legend Local event in February in Sydney Australia I met so many wonderful people and have been to some great meetups throughout the year. I’m very grateful.
  7. Honing in on what makes me unique is important; not just fitting with the status quo. Tools like Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate and Tony Robbin’s DISC profile have been super helpful.
  8. It’s been time to let go of some things and the main one (I burned it in a can as a very effective symbolic gesture at a recent workshop organised by Sam at the Everyday Adventure) is letting go of the angst about ‘old friends’: the wondering about them, do they still care about me, why don’t they contact me etc… So I’m now letting these worries go and opening up to new people in my life.
  9. I felt blessed to be part of some important milestones, such as the wedding of two of my friends (one has been a lifelong friend I grew up with).
  10. I applied for a new job (promotion) and got it.
  11. I said goodbye to my grandma who passed away. She was such an amazing, inspiring, special person to me. It hurts but I will always carry her spirit with me.
  12. Money matters a bit but experiences matter more. For me, it’s important to feel secure, money-wise, but I absolutely don’t value it above experiences and good times! Bring on the fine wine I say!
  13. I ate a snail in Paris. Ok so really the highlight was Paris itself but the snail was another symbol of ‘saying yes’.
  14. People in person are so important to me. I realise I’ve been just getting by with virtual connections like Facebook and email. This realisation heralds a new focus in 2015.

I am grateful for the people I have in my life, what I have learned and all the laughs.

What have you done or learned in 2014? How will you channel these things into your 2015?

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